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Hi, I’m Matt. I am a 20 year old who just loves to backpack solo around the world. I have so far been to 36 countries across 5 continents and just want to see as much of the world as I can! Sign up at the bottom of the page to keep hearing about my travels. Look out for the new blog posts every Wednesday.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

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Despite being an old Spanish colonial city, named after a 16th century Spanish friar who stood up for the rights of the indigenous inhabitants, San Cristobal and the surrounding areas retain a strong indigenous feel. My first stop was a village 20 minutes away by colectivo called Chamula. Chamula is an autonomous town. No outsideContinue reading “Chamula”


Like many of the places that I have visited on my trip around Mexico, Palenque was not somewhere that I had previously heard of. It was only as I arrived in Mexico, and I heard others talking about it that I decided it was a place that I needed to visit. In reality, the reasonContinue reading “Palenque”

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