As a bit of a history buff, I have visited my fair share of museums throughout my travels. The majority of them are very similar in their approach. They house some of the world’s most interesting artifacts or other important antiques so that they can be admired by tourists and locals alike. However, during my travels in Zagreb, Croatia, I came across quite possibly the world’s weirdest museum: The Museum of Broken Relationships.

I had seen some mention of this museum online before my visit to Zagreb, but I had not really thought much of it. It was only when I saw the sign outside as I walked past that I thought I might as well go in. I was very glad that I did.

The first thing to note about the Muesum of Broken Relationships is that unlike most museums, all of the things on display have been donated by members of the public. This means that people like you and I can donate items to the museum and have them on display for the world to see. More than that, it means that every single piece in the museum is personal to somebody. Each one has a individual description written by the person who donated it, many of which brought me to tears.

The premise of the museum is that people can donate items from relationships that have ended for whatever reason. These can be highly sentimental items from a very long marriage right through to hilarious items from just a short fling.

It was this fact that made it the weirdest museum in the world. The museum itself is not large, only a few small rooms, but they manage to pack a lot in. However, despite the small size, I found myself going through the range of emotions during my visit. There were some items in there, some of them rude in nature, that when I read the description, I found myself laughing out loud.

On the other hand, quite often I would move on to the very next piece and be incredibly moved by the personal story connected to the item. The one that sticks in my mind is a wedding dress that had been donated. The description of this item explained that the couple had just been married and on their honeymoon the husband had died in a tragic accident leaving the woman as a widow. Unsure what to do with her wedding dress, she donated it to the museum with a heartfelt description which brought me to tears.

Given that people are continuously donating new items to the museum, their exhibitions are constantly changing. Therefore, even if you are like me and have visited before or heard about some of their exhibits, it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t go back.

The Museum of Broken Relationships might well be the weirdest museum in the world. Yet that is exactly why it is a must visit if you are ever in Zagreb. My short description here has really not done it justice because words truly can’t encapsulate what the world’s weirdest museum is like. You just have to go.