As a very typical Englishman, just think of Hugh Grant in Notting Hill or anyone from Downton Abbey and you will get a sense, I absolutely love my tea. When I am at home in the UK, I will usually have at least two cups of tea a day. However, when travelling this can often pose more of a problem.

Of course, in the big scheme of things this is not an important travelling point, but it does underline the fact that we all miss home comforts when travelling no matter how silly they may seem.

After a month of being in Mexico, the lack of tea was something that would occasionally cross my mind. Other English travellers would tell me the same thing, they yearned for a good cuppa.

The thing is, in Mexico it isn’t as though there is a lack of tea completely, more just a lack of the right sort of tea if you are English. Should you want a fruity, herbal or pretty much any other sort of tea, then you will be able to find that without much hassle. The problem only arises when you want a black or English Breakfast Tea.

In every hostel that I have stayed in on this trip so far, I have kept a close eye out to see if they stocked either of the above tea options: they did not. Likewise, in the supermarkets, Mexican supermarkets still massively confuse me, how can you need three aisles of crisps yet only one tiny corner for fruit and veg, alas I digress, they have no tea. Or at least not the type that will make my English taste buds happy.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I spotted a café in Valladolid offering tea as an option. I sauntered over expecting the same disappointing tea selection as always in Mexico. Upon my request for a tea, the lady shuffled out to the back and produced a box with an array of tea bag options. It looked as though tea might not be the most common item ordered in this café, much to the Mexicans’ loss might I add.

I began quickly sifting through all of the tea bags once again. Strawberry tea, mango tea, lemon tea and green tea were all there in abundance. I was about to give up when I spotted one teabag shoved in at the back which was not the same bright colour as the others. This was my best chance. I grabbed it, expecting to find some weird fruity tea that I could not translate from Spanish. However, to my surprise, it was black tea.

I have to say that looking back, the excitement that I felt in that moment is slightly embarrassing. However, you must realise I had gone a month without tea.

Before I knew it, the tea was in my hand. Given the fact that it was 35 degrees celsius that day, the lady serving me seemed surprised that I wanted my tea hot rather than iced, but she clearly didn’t understand English culture.

If I am honest, it was not the best tea I have ever had. It has absolutely nothing on Yorkshire Gold. However, that didn’t matter during those glorious minutes that I was drinking it. All that mattered was that I had a proper cup of tea.